Up, up and away: Taxi Drones Preparing To Take Off In Dubai

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s a drone, and instead of carrying packages it’s transporting humans through the skies over Dubai. RTA has announced plans to have a passenger carrying drone called EHang regularly flying in the city, reports the Associated Press. Plans for the Taxi drone were announced at the World […]

Rumour: iPhone 8 with larger display is coming next year

Samsung got a lot of things right with the Galaxy Note 7 (before they started to explode) but if there’s one thing in particular, it was building a beautiful large display into a compact design because of the curved edges of the screen. And now rumour has it that Apple might take a page out […]

One of the most powerful gaming laptop in the world right now

Some of the first gaming laptops with the latest Nvidia GTX10 powerful line of graphics cards are starting to show up online and they look quite amazing. Most gaming laptops come with the standard single graphics processor and it works for the most of you. But if you are one of those looking for two […]

Free up storage space on your iPhone

iPhone users can easily free-up storage space on their phones without deleting any apps, music or photos, thanks to this simple trick. The shockingly easy tip has been circulating on the internet, but only works if you have less than a gigabyte of available space on your phone. Check out this nifty video by Tech Insider

The 5 Biggest Email Scams and How to Avoid Them

Soggy bread. When you accidentally push the Q-tip in too far and hurt your ear. Any interview with Kanye West. These are the only things worse than falling victim to an email scam. Even the savviest Internet user can be duped by some of the email scams floating around. And, as the scammers become more […]

Trojans, Spyware, & Anti-virus; Oh my!

A computer is a bit like a car; when it’s going well it’s awesome and it enhances our life, but when it breaks down we feel like kicking something – usually the tyre. And just like a car, if you have problems with your computer it is a good idea to have a specialist look […]

PC Repair (Dubai) To The Rescue – Saving Customers’ Files and Computers

Often times, it really does seem like just when you’re almost done with an important report for school or collecting valuable data for work and all you have left to do is save everything, your computer chooses to conk out on you… as if it’s a funny joke. You’re not laughing, of course — in […]

Apple Service – Dubai Expertise Available From Other Repair Shops In The City

What really sets Apple products apart from those of other brands is their long-established elite status. The brand always seems to be a leader in digital technology and, of course, the launch of its wide range of products is always featured by the media and highly anticipated by consumers all across the globe. It’s important […]

Choosing a Provider of IT Support in Dubai

It has come to pass that we’ve arrived at an age when a computer has become a necessity and not just an item of convenience and luxury. This is especially true for businesses. With the regular use of computers, there sprung forth a need for stand-by IT support. In Dubai, individuals and companies can simply […]

Apple Repair – Dubai Clients Receive First Class Service and Support

Apple has been a household name for many decades now. Even before the introduction of the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, it had already reached fame as one of the most popular and influential technology companies in the world. It is constantly upgrading and implementing changes to their various products. From the devices themselves […]